So you've gotta write a speech...            

A quick look at what this place is all about!

        Arright folks, welcome to Dave's Guide to Speechwriting.  I'm Dave, curator of this corner of cyberspace, and I'll let you know a little bit about it before we get started.  So heeeeere we go:

        What This Place Can Do For Ya - Dave's Guide is a resource of advice on the step by step process of speech writing, the synthesis of "speakable prose" (as opposed to readable prose), the use of oratorical devices, and presentation tips.  I've also included a few samples of competitive and graduation speeches to illustrate the methods discussed.  There are links to some other online speechwriting resources (even the ads on this site can actually be useful sometimes), and of course, if there's something you need help with that doesn't show up here, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

        What's Here - Here's a quick breakdown of the sections on this site....

- Process - This is all about the process of writing a good speech.  It covers introductions (yes, including humorous intros and opening jokes), how to structure your content, some good "devices" to use to make your speech more interesting, some tips on delivering your speech, and finally, ways to defuse your nervousness!

- Types - Specific advice for various types of speeches.  This includes rules of thumb, tips for, and examples and samples of Best Man / Maid of Honor, Graduation, Competition, Professional, and Eulogy speeches.  

- PowerPoint - It can be a speaker's best friend or worst enemy.  A guide to the effective and tasteful use of this ubiquitous presentation tool.

- Samples - Samples and examples of speeches of all types.  See what the finished product looks like, but please don't plagiarize...

- NFL Info - All about the National Forensics League - not football!  The NFL is the organization through which students compete in various speech, debate, and drama categories.

- Links - There are plenty of other resources out there; make them work for ya!